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Advanced Coloring and Highlight Applications

Includes Blow-Dry Finish

Say goodbye to dark roots and gray hairs getting all the attention. La Rinnova offers highlight applications for babylights, balayage, add-on colors, and more. All advanced coloring services include a blow-dry finish to complete your stunning look! Browse our hair coloring services below:

Retouch Get those dark roots touched up to blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair color. $65-$75
Highlights if you're looking to add dimension to your hair color, highlights are a great option. We offer full and partial foil highlight applications, including babylights. We also offer cap highlights to suite everyone's highlighting needs! $60-$100
Balayage & Hair Painting A trendy way to add bolder dimension to your color with balayage and hair painting services. $90-$150
Base Adjust Eliminate dark roots and revitalize your highlights with our Base Adjustment technique. $50
Advanced Color Does your hair need a serious make-over, corrective work, or a trendy style? In addition to hair painting, balayage hair color, or ombré, our salon specializes in advanced coloring services. $75-$100/hr
Bond Building Service Revitalize damaged hair from coloring with La Rinnova's bond building treatment for stronger hair and longer color. $20-$35

*Prices may vary – please ask your hair stylist for more details.

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  • Highlight Applications, Hair Painting, and Balayage Near You

    From advanced hair coloring to retouching, painting, and balayage treatment, we offer all the hair coloring services you need to brighten your look or add dramatic effect. Book your hair coloring appointment today! Schedule online or call us at (585) 270-1995.